# 5127 / Fine multi-blade (17+2) Fine Gentleman pocket knife, Bohemian c. 1880-1920.

8 cm KNIFE (closed) multi-blade (17+2) shell handled fine pocket knife, c. 1880-1920.

Blades all present and intact for a total of 19 uses including in part numerous special purpose blades in different shapes and sizes, including cigar and leather punches, scissors, saws, corkscrew, screw driver, needle, hook and many others, set in carefully selected highly figured antique shell grips.

Additionally it has a toothpick and a pair of tweezers set into the handles.

All blades are made of carbon steel.

Hand filed German silver spacers.

All blades have been opened and tested and they are all in full profile with a firm snap. No damage to note nor to the blades neither to the delicate slabs. Some overall pit marks to the steel parts commiserate with age and type .

Length is 80 mm closed.

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