# 5126 / Antique 19th Cent. 62,5 cm Navaja de Albacete

Of the many appellations by which the Navaja is known, the two most familiar to all the Spaniards are the Albacete and the Sevillana.

This huge Albacete clasp dagger navaja knife measures 32,5 cm folded and 62,5 cm when fully extended. It features a long and pointy carbon steel blade still pointy. Handles are made of horn with brass inlays and overlays front and rear and with decorative studs. Upper and bottom parts have been covered with a brass foil that has been nicely engraved

Flat lock tab

The condition is good to very good,  blade is in full profile and opens and closes properly. Despite his length the knife has no wobble at all in the locked open position. Over time the rear slab has slightly curved in the central upper part, leaving some space visible between the spring and the slab itself. No viewable chips, brass decorations with no missing threads

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Very good

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