# 5117 / Wonderful Blown Glass Vase, Murano Dr. Antonio Salviati 1880 Ca

Pink blown glass vase with white Phoenician decoration and colored applications
Very light vase of small dimensions of extreme grace and which perfectly represents the finesse of the works of Antonio Salviati


  • H 12.5 cm
  • mouth diameter 10.2 cm
  • diameter at widest 14 cm, including the two small handles 16 cm
  • in excellent condition, there is only what seems to me to be a small chip near the upper decorative edge but which is practically invisible and does not effect the stability of the glass. otherwise it remains in perfect condition

    Antonio Salviati (Vicenza 1816 – Venice 1890)
    Salviati was a lawyer who became interested in glassmaking after participating in the restoration of the mosaics of the Cathedral of San Marco in Venice. He opened his first glassmaking business in 1859 with Lorenzo Radi, the company “Salviati Dott. Antonio fu Bartolomeo”. This company produced the mosaic glass for the high altar screen of Westminster Abbey.
    In December 1866 the “Salviati Dott. Antonio fu Bartolomeo” gives way to a new Anglo-Italian company which acquires its entire assets and contracts. “Salviati & Company Limited” was founded in London and shortly thereafter took on the name “The Venice and Murano Glass and Mosaic Company” (as also registered in Italy in 1872): the Compagnia Venezia Murano, or CVM. Five years later, in 1877, Salviati left the company to create two separate companies; *Salviati & C.* which will dedicate itself solely to the production of enamels and mosaics and *Salviati Dott. Antonio* specialized in the production of blown glass. The coach Antonio Camozzo and the Barovier family join the company. When Antonio Salviati died in 1890, he was considered the main architect of the rebirth of the Venetian glass sector. The glass company that bears the founder's name was inherited by his sons Giulio and Silvio, who transformed it into a limited partnership, and continued the business for just four years. Salviati & C., however, thanks also to the work of director Maurizio Camerino, was transformed into a joint venture and continued the family tradition in the following years.
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