# 5109 / 10 To 12 Mm Tahitian Silver Gray Pearl Necklace On White Gold Diamond Ball Clasp

The necklace begins with 10 mm pearls in the back and graduates perfectly to a 12 mm centrepiece for a total of 41 pearls. These pearls are 100% natural with no dying or "enhancements.". Pearls are round in shape with luminous spectrum. This pearl necklace has a gorgeous variation of natural colors that symbolize the beauty the Tahitian pearls have to offer. All of these pearls are excellent in quality with gorgeous grey to silver overtones and high grade lustre. The pearls are strung and double knotted with the finest silk thread and secured with a wonderful 18 kt white gold clasp set with 18 brilliant cut diamonds for a total of 0.12 ct approx, stamped 18K 750,
The necklace is 51,5 cm long
Weight: 73 gr
The necklace comes with its original presentation box retailed by Van Den Berge Jeweler in Sint Amandsberg

Some consider Tahitian pearls of any hue and shape to be the most glamorous and fashion forward type of pearl available, and necklaces of Tahitian pearls make a strong confident statement. Tahitian pearls, sometimes called Black Pearls, actually come in a variety of natural colors. Grey, blue, and green can be found alongside the better known colors, such as peacock, black, black-green and eggplant. All Tahitian pearls have a metallic sheen and depth of color that set them apart. They can come in a variety of shapes from perfectly round to baroque or asymmetrical. A strand of perfectly matched Tahitian pearls is very difficult to create. Hundreds of pearls from many different pearl farms are examined to create a single stand of matched pearls. The pearls must be matched in quality, color, and size- this is not an easy task as Tahitians come in a great natural variety.

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