# 5088 / Antique C1860 - 1890 63,5cm Ex Voto Brass Roman Folding Knife

Among the Romans folding knives those with the brass handle were the most luxurious. Where the blade is hinged there are two wooden reinforcements to allow the pin riveting. The remain of the handle is completely hallow
These knives, essentially having a hollow handle, were not suitable for use in duels, but were made above all as gifts, souvenirs or votive offerings.

During the 1800s and early 20th centuries the people of the Papal State were very violent and easily used the knife during fights, but they were still always very devoted to the Madonna who in their opinion gave graces. Many duelists who became murderers, repenting of the crime committed, took the knife to the sanctuaries asking for mercy.

The knife was donated as an ex-voto to a specific sanctuary. This normally occurs for two reasons: for grace received or for the remission of sins.

After killing, those who repented took the knife as a pledge to the Madonna in search of grace. Or, those who had saved themselves from a stab wound considered it a grace received, a miracle and brought their knife to church as an ex-voto and a grace received.

Both sides of the handle feature silver plates welding with tin. Usually these plates represent coins or medals. These medallions represent: The King Vittorio Emanule II, the French Emperor Napoleon III, Saint Peter, and probably two Vendean buttons
The flat external spring is fastened to the handle by four screws with rounded heads and has a curl at the top with a ring to easily unlock the blade.
Ratchet opening with four notches on the tang. It has nice decorative waves pattern engraved on the handles. it also has a ring at the end which was certainly used to hang the knife as a votive offering. The numbers 281 and the name Gautier are engraved on the blade.
The knife remains in very good conditions, blade has full tip with natural overall pitting due to time. No nicks or dents and almost no dents to the hallow brass handles. There is a tin solder by of the fourth medal on the front side. Nearly 34 cm in length folded and 63,5 cm when fully extended

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