# 5082 / Vintage *Sanelli Premana* Solid Multiblade Utility Folding Knife

Solid folding knife of the type known as utility knife made in Premana, Italy by Sanelli.

 The Coltellerie Sanelli knife works were founded in 1864 in Premana, a village set in the mountains near the lake of Como, famed for its bladed tool manufactures. The saga began in 1860, when the founder and head of the family made his way back to Premana after spending several years in a workshop in Venice and others working as a knife-grinder on a floating barge anchored near Castel Vecchio, in Verona. Still young and enterprising, Sanelli cleaned up a disused old mill-race flowing down below the village, which had been used to supply smelting kilns, and renovated it to power an old water mill. This done, he set to work producing knives, in a process that has been subjected to continuous improvement and specialization ever since.  

Mirror polish main blade of the sheep foot type and secondary clip point blade, accessories provided are a sturdy punch and a solid corkscrew. Blades are tanf stamped *Sanelli Premana*

The knife remains in excellent unused condition, blade are in full profile and open and close properly. No damage to note to the scales

This folder measures 9 cm long when folded and 16 cm when main blade is out

Price :
€ 320.00
Condition :
Near mint

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