# 5079 / Fab and rare Natural Saltwater Pearls Clams "Hypoppus"Earrings

100% Natural Saltwater Tridacna Clam Pearls Earrings

Fab and rare white gold 18K diamonds pair if earrings with huge Natural Saltwater Pearls Clams "Hypoppus"

This nice pair of drop earrings features a couple of Tridacna gigas Pacific Ocean  luminescent white non-nacreous natural pearls, which possesses a white porcelain color with a fine eye- visible flame pattern. The shape is extraordinarily symmetrical, pleasing and well-formed

These pearls are natural and not farmed

Pearls features:

Total weight: 19.36 cts.

Dimensions: One pearl is 13.00 x 9.74 x 9.69 mm and the other one is 13.24 x 10.17 x 10.07.

Treatments: none

The pearls are mounted on an 18kt white gold mounts set with brilliant-cut diamonds

al length of the earrings: 45 mm

Delivered with certificate issued by GEMLAB- Liechtenstein and jewellery box

Like nacreous pearls, tridacna pearls grow in mollusks. Specifically, they form in bivalve mollusks of the Tridacna genus of clams. This genus includes giant clams of enormous size. Technically, tridacna pearls are calcareous concretions because they aren’t made of nacre. In a tridacna pearl, instead of forming in sheets, the mineral aragonite arranges itself radially. In a fine specimen, this results in an exciting flame structure that rolls across the gem.

These clams grow in tropical reefs in the Indo-Pacific region, primarily in Indonesia and the Philippines. The giant clams are indeed known to produce such pearls but only a few are recognised by gemologists. they are unique and rare to come by

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