# 5029 / One-Off Custom made Matching Set MOP Gravity Knife and Swing Lock Scale Folder

Wonderful set composed by two hand crafted matching mother of pearl and Damascus folding knives boxed in a velvet lined hard maple wood presentation case.

Both knives are characterised by a particular opening and locking system: a gravity knife and swing lock folder.

The gravity knife is 88 mm long when folded and 155 mm long when fully opened, razor sharp Damascus blade measures 65 mm long and is operated by a spring loaded thumb button. Holding the knife with the open end down and pressing the button allows the blade to drop out, into position. Taking pressure off the button locks it there. To retract the blade hold the knife blade up and depress the button. The blade slides back within the handles.

Stainless steel back spring encased in a nickel silver frame with file worked thumb button. Handles are wonderful genuine mother of pearl scales over red vulcanized fiber board spacers with silver bolsters.. Blade of stainless steel.

Matching swing lock folder is 90 mm folded. The swing lock pivots the handles open to reveal the blade. You essentially rotate one of the handles all the way around. In this process, the blade locks open. Opening is accomplished by pressing the releasing button which releases the locking pin and lightly sliding the handles scales, this allows one side of the handle and the blade to rotate down then forward until the blade locks in the forward position. The one side of the handle continues to rotate back until it locks in place. Closing requires the same pressure at the releasing button to release the locking pin, then the one side of the handle is rotated back and around, catching the blade and aligning both with the other side of the handle in a locked closed position.

Blade opens and closes very smoothly. Scales are very nice mother of pearl over red vulcanized fiber board spacers and stainless steel liners, silver bolsters and releasing button. Stainless steel damascus blade.

New in box condition

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