# 5016 / Black/Blue and Gold Damascene Inlaid Ornate Lock back Toledo Folding Knife Navaja

Black/blue and gold damascene inlaid ornate Toledo navaja featuring a single edged lock back blade finely worked with the renowned Toledo damascene technique

The damascene (also known as ” ataujía” ) technique was brought to Toledo by the Arabs, taking root in a remarkable way. The piece to decorate must be prepared by means of the striped or chopped, which consists of removing its smoothness from the surface so that it can grab the gold; not only is it obtained by scratching with a burin, but also with acids. Then he takes the gold thread and goes incrusting . Then the thread and the gold put are fixed in the steel by hammer and burin. Then comes the bluing : so that the steel on which the gold has been fixed does not oxidize, it is put to the fire with a solution of caustic soda and potassium nitrate; the pavon, that is to say, the steel, comes out black, on the other hand the gold or the silver, remain unalterable. From there the piece is taken to the final finishing, which consists of ” giving movement” to the gilded surface, giving it ” relief ” based on chisel and hammer, finishing the drawing of the gilded ones. Damascene could be done by hand or by machine

The damascene on this navaja crisp and clear and shows the Toledo Cot of Arm on the center front and a warrior on the back

The knife measures 28,3 cm long closed, and 55 cm long opened. 

Handle material is steelwith chasing and the wording  *aunque me veas partida por eso no soy vencida* and *No me saques sin razon ni me guardes sin honor*

The blade opens and closes properly with a lever release

This old knife is in great condition, handles are not dented and blade is excellentno chips off the cutting edge, 100% full with nice sharp point.

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