# 4992 / Antique Moss & Gambles Sheffield Whittler Pocket Knife

The Whittler knife is a double-hinged pattern based off of the Pen knife. In addition to the traditional Clip and Pen blade combo, it typically includes a Coping blade that shares a hinge pin with the Pen blade.

The master blade is a true Wharncliffe, thick and strong. 

The Wharncliffe blade is attributed to the design of Lord Wharncliffe who was the patron of Joseph Rodgers & Sons in Sheffield in the early 1800s. The blade was designed around 1832. To this time, most pocket knives had rather slender blades. Tradition has it that Lord Wharncliffe wanted a small pocket knife with a thick strong blade. The result was a knife that was not only a whittler pocket knife, but one that could be really leant on hard without danger of it breaking. The high arched back only adds to its strength. This type of blade with a totally flat cutting edge is considered by many as one of the finest, most practical and versatile designs for a pocket knife blade 

All blades tang marked Moss & Gambles Sheffield

Condition: Lightly used and carried  yet unsharpened. Blades in full profile with no looseness or rattles, strong springs. Few hairline cracks on the antique natural slabs.

Measures: 9 cm folded with a 5,5 cm long master blade

Knife is being sold as-is-condition

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Very good

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