# 4966 / Antique Solid Ring pull French Cornillon Hunting Knife Navaja

This very interesting antique sturdy and solid French hunting folder is known as *Cornillon* and has a curved single edged blade with an upwardly curved handle that tapers to a point.

Knife handles are curved because made from the solid end of stag horn split or slotted to contain the blade. The tip of the horn covers the point of the blade, the blade having been shaped to fit the natural curve of the horn.

The knife measures 29 cm long when closed with a 25,5 cm long carbon steel blade. The blade is plain with a long false edge and features a ratchet type locking system, you have to lift the ring on the back of the knife to release the blade once opened.

Large steel hand chased shoulder spring.

This old knife is in great condition, handles are not chipped, blade is excellent, few small stains, no chips off the cutting edge, 100% full, nice sharp point.

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