# 4953 / Fab Schiavon Policrome Vase from the 'Black Tribe Collection'

This wonderful policrome *Black tribe* vase mouth-blown from Murano glass is an authentic explosion of colors. Glossy black glass, fused murrine in red, orange and yellow, blue, white and green, surface re-worked with the wheel.

Marked Schiavon Murano, 1/1 (diamond cut).

• Material: Glass
• Dimensions (in): W 10,43at the widest x H 9.05
• Dimensions (cm): W 26,5 at the widest x H 23
• Handmade In Italy

 Each one-of-a-kind vessel made by the Schiavon’s masters expresses harmony and balance and is completely handmade according to the ancient Murano traditions. The technique is distinguished primarily by the composition of the colors, achieved by heating together multicolor glass canes at 750°C which are then fused and blown with clear crystal. The majority of these art pieces are then cold-worked and hand-ground by a diamond wheel. After cooling, the glass is enriched by difficult and delicate cold working details. Cutting the glass surface creates facets and texture, giving extraordinary contrasts and interesting optical effects. Compositions of form, pattern and color are always different in each vessel, creating an art piece that can be considered absolutely unique in design. 

Price :
€ 2,200.00
Condition :
Pristine mint

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