# 4929 / Lock Blade French Gentleman Self defense Folder

French gentleman self defense folder commonly referred to as a *Chatellerault*, referring to the original place where this type of knives were crafted.

Back locked single edged carbon steel blade with false edge

Horn slabs over steel liners fastened by three rivets, German silver bolsters

Overall condition are good, blade has been sharpened and the edge looks to me to be a little bit down in shape by the tang but it remains in full length with full tip, slight up and down play in the locked open position. The tip protrudes from the liners when folded. Marked *Bird* transversally

Few pitting to the steel blade due to time but no rust, no damage to note to the handles

The knife measures nearly 12,7 cm long when folded and 21,3 cm long when blade is out

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€ 215.00
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