# 4871 / Vintage Emerald And Diamond Ring. Italy 1950s

Vintage Emerald And Diamond Ring, Italy 1950s

Beautiful 18 kt white gold vintage ring set on its top with a prong-set emerald of a light and intense green surrounded with brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds
Estimated weight of the emerald 2.0 cts
Estimated total diamond weight 0.84 cts
US ring size 6.5
Gross weight 9.5 grams
The ring shank is round with no dents.
At naked eye there are no visible cracks or scratches and the edges are intact, a very tiny scratch is visible on one edge of the emerald when looking with a magnifier

The ring has no marks which is very common for antique and 1940/60’s Italian jewelry.
In 1861, with the unification of Italy, a single silver/gold punching system was introduced, abandoning the old methods used in the various pre-unitary states. The Law of 2 May 1872 liberalized the processing of silver and gold, introducing only an optional punching system for verifying the title.
At the time, Italian jewellers rarely subjected their pieces to official verification and punching
Only in 1934 was introduced uniformity in the shape of Italian silversmith's marks
The Lieutenant Legislative Decree 26 October 1944 n. 313 prescribes the elimination of the littoral bundle from the lozenge. In the impossibility of immediately disposing of the new marks for a certain period, the old punches were used, obliterating the lictorial bundle. In the period 1944/1946, also for the unavailability of the new punches, other unofficial marks are also used provisionally or simply no marks were used
Law 30 January 1968 n. 46 and the subsequent Presidential Decree December 30, 1970 n. 1496 introduced new punches for stamping precious metals

All parts of the ring have been tested with special gemological equipment:
• black stone and acid for gold
• gem and diamond tester
All are natural and not synthetic
Natural coloured stones are usually subjected to treatments to improve their appearance. Some treatments such as thermal heating used on rubies or sapphires to improve their color or the application of oils on emeralds to reduce the effect of fractures normally present, are common and commercially accepted methods. Unless otherwise specified by a gemological certificate issued by an accredited laboratory, the estimates of the precious stones are based on the hypothesis that they may have undergone treatment

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