# 4834 / Pierre Calmels 1947 Antique Large Laguiole Folding Knife

Stunning high quality Laguiole knife by Pierre Calmels, 1947 *CALMELS A LAGUIOLE Hors Concours 10 Medailles d’Or*

The massive knife is 41 cm long in fully extended position. Single blade made of stainless steel with long tapering false edge and wonderful hand filed work on the back. Stamped transversally *CALMELS A LAGUIOLE Hors Concours 10 Medailles d’Or *.

The knife is mounted with thick blond horn slabs over brass liners fastened with brass pins.

The spine is masterfully hand filed work throughout its length and even the brass liners show attractive file-working.

The thick slabs have a curved shape with no bolsters

Knife seems not to have been used. Blade is in full profile and opens and closes properly with a firm snap and no wobble when opened. The spring is very strong.

The knife measures 22 cm when folded and 41 cm in fully extended position

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