Hand Crafted 18K Gold Pendants set with Dark red Sardinian Coral (Corallium Rubrum) Cabochons and Diamonds

This finely crafted pendant is made of 5 cabochon of precious quality natural, untreated coral from the Mediterranean Sea (Sardegna) that offers unique light refraction like none other. The cabochon are set with a heavy hand made 18K gold mount enhanced by a central flower set with diamonds. The coral is absolutely gorgeous and the color is very uniform and would be classified as *Dark Color* - color tone absolutely the most precious and expensive in the range of red.

Measures: 70 mm by 40 mm.

Weight: 25,7 grams

There will be no more of this precious coral from the depths of the Mediterranean. Warm water South Sea coral just cannot compare and remains quite inferior and inexpensive, and I believe this will continue. It is less dense (more porous) and most often dyed. Warmer water precipitates faster growth than the cold waters of the Mediterranean Sea with an annual growth rate of 1mm. Coral harvesting bans have been in place for over 30 years with no new stock available. With increasing demand and limited availability, Precious quality coral is an investment that you can wear and enjoy while its value increases. We guarantee all our coral jewelry to be the finest quality Mediterranean coral. Do not be fooled by Tibetan, South Sea, or other lower grades of coral. Coral, like all gemstones, comes in many different qualities

The pendant comes with a certificate (issued by a qualified appraiser) attesting it is natural Corallium Rubrum, a species not protected by CITES convention. Therefore shipping is available worldwide

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