This  finely crafted Italian torsade style d necklace features 10 strands of natural deep Sciacca Coral beads, and can be compared with the color depth of red sockeye smoked salmon. 

Beads, being antique, are hand carved and not machine rounded. 

Each strand is made by matching 4 mm beads. 

Strung with a newer 18K gold It closes with a tongue-in groove, snap-in closure. 

Necklace length is 42 cm without the clasp, 44 cm with it. Weight is 106 grams.

In excellent antique condition, with absolutely no damage to note to the coral. 

 SCIACCA CORAL: The famous sub-fossile coral discovered along Sicilian coasts in the Mediterranean in year 1875. Big quantities were found until 1900. Sciacca is very probably a huge colony of red coral that was covered by mud for many centuries and so it did not decompose and was not attached by enemies, moreover the mud changed the colour transforming it from red to orange sometimes brown. Sciacca is not in commerce anymore, often it is possible to admire this coral in Museums and among the jewels of rich Italian families. Nowadays it is just possible to buy antique Jewels made with this precious coral

The necklace comes with a certificate (issued by a qualified appraiser) attesting it is natural Corallium Rubrum, a species not protected by CITES convention. Therefore shipping is available worldwide

Copy of the certificate could be sent upon request


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