# 4803 / An interesting WWII Fabrica Nacional de Toledo Military Issue Folding knife

An interesting  WW military pattern folding knife produced by the Fabrica Nacional de Toledo.

The undamaged scales are black horn over steel liners and the knife is fitted with correct brass lanyard ring.

The knife features a rugged saw blade, a curved cutting blade with teethed tip, a can opener, a punch, a flat screw driver and a single edged blade.

The curved blade is stamped with last official mark of the Fabrica, combining F, N & T letters under a royal crown, first appeared after WWI

The upper bolster is stamped *U 1-74 B*

The conditions are excellent mainly considering age and type, the blades fold out and lock in place correctly and shows light overall pitting as expected from age

The knife measures 12 cm when closed and main blade is 11 cm long


From the 15th to 17th centuries, the Castillian city of Toledo in central Spain, flourished with an exceptional blade making industry.

In late 17th and the beginning of 18th century, a slow decrease of blade production took place in Toledo, influenced in part by the reduction of orders coming from individual customers and also by the imports of light French blades
The decreasing number of Toledo bladesmiths was a real problem for the Spanish Army. Swords and sabres were still essential for Cavalry troops, as well as the bayonet for the Infantry. The decreasing number of bladesmiths threatened the supply of quality blades for troops.
Considering all of the above, in 1761 King Charles III of Spain dedicated the foundation of a Royal Sword Factory in Toledo (Real Fábrica de Espadas de Toledo), where all the bladesmiths of the city were ordered to congregate.

At the beginning of 20th century, only cavalry trooper swords and officer models for all corps were produced. After Spanish Civil War, production was reduced to officer swords only. Because of the reduced demand for quality swords, the Fábrica closed in late 1970s. The two hundred-year history of blade forging excellence had reached an end.

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