# 4798 / Very nice 19th Century French Lock Back Folding Dagger *Dage De Vertu*

This French tiny folding dirk is a vey nice exemplar of the knives known as *Dague de Vertu*

Tiny knives were used by *working ladies*, concealed in their garter to defend from clients, stubburn or drunk.

This very nice folding knife / dirk features a carbon steel single edged blade which remains in nice condition with some light staining and pitting due to age, but still in full profile with no scratches, nicks or damage, lock back released featuring a pump to release it from the locked open position. It is topped with genuine ivory grips fastened with steel pins and over brass liners. The chased steel guard is clean and tight, back spring and spine of the blade with a nice twisted motif design. The ivory is in perfect condition with no chips or cracks. The dagger is nearly 12 cm long when foldd and 22 cm long in fully extended position.

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Near mint

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