# 4791 / ROMANO con Lenticchia. Antique Italian Duelling Folding Knife

Italy has an ancient tradition in knife making and a great variety in shapes and models with dozens of antique models dedicated to work, defence, and duel. Italy has its identity as a unitary state only since 1861. The origin and the diffusion of traditional knives followed the ancient political and administrative division of the country that doesn’t coincide with the current division into regions. Lazio is a region located in the geographical centre of Italy and houses the capital city Rome. Talking about Lazio knives means introducing one of the masterpieces of Italian cutlery; the ROMANO duel knife. It’s a master of simplicity, elegance and effectiveness. Just three components: a simple horn or brass arc-shaped handle, an extremely sharp and pointed blade and a reliable external spring with the function of locking system. It was usually stuck in the pocket of young men ready to come out in case of fight.

This great example of the Roman folder pattern measures 16,5 cm long when closed and 30 cm long when fully extended. The handle has been realized from a whole piece of horn that has been carved at the bottom to house safely the tip of the keen blade, it is in the typical arc shape with no supporting liners. It features a flat external spring that locks the blade once opened. It is fixed on the back of the handle by screws. A flat tab makes easier to unlock the blade from the open position.  Carbon steel blade * a tre pianelle* (dived throughout the length into three areas) with a three notches on the tang fitting the corresponding hole on the lock tab. It remains a sturdy and attractive hand forged blade with a peculiar rounded tip. The discs on the tip could then be easily filed obtaining a pointed blade suitable for duelling

The knife remains in excellent condition, normal overall pitting on the steel parts due to time. Blade locks up firmly with no wobble. No damage to note to the handles. 

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