# 4783 / Antique Large Sfilato di Frosolone stamped *Frosolone*

Originating from Frosolone, a small city in Molise, a region located in the South of Italy, this knife could be used for work purposes , although it is quite possible that it was used in duels or tavern brawls which were very common at the time. The SFILATO is the best known Frosolone knife. The name itself remind to the shape of the knife which is very linear with almost no interruption between the handles and the blade.

This is a large version of the Sfilato measuring nearly 35 cm when fully extended and 13,5 in the folded position being more suitable in a duel than as a pocket knife. Handles are made of horn slabs over steel liners. The slabs are straight and slightly converging towards the top, and this convergence continues linearly also in the blade, until it forms a sharp point. Blade is tang stamped *Frosolone*. The knife has an external spring mechanism which locks the blade. Excellent overall conditions commensurate with age and type, Blade is in full profile and locks up firmly with no wobble.

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