# 4708 / Venini *VeArt I Millenari 1983* Venetian Murano Glass Bowl Centerpiece Two-color Incamiciato Glass

Large bowl centerpiece by Veart Collection *I Millenari* made from opal glass with glossy finish obtained through "free-blowing", the most creative of the blowing techniques, This is a glass consisting of two superimposed layers of lattimo glass and of coloured transparent glass. Incamiciato glass has a very considerable visual impact, especially in large vases, as the chromatic solutions are indeed numberless. This one in black outside and orange inside. Wonderful conditions with no chips or cracks. It retians the original label and is marked at the base *VeArt 1983*.measures: 29 cm at the widest, Height: 12 cm. VeArt was a glass factory founded in 1965 by Sergio Biliotti and Ludovico de Santillana who was the husband of Anna Venini, daughter of the Venini’s founder Paolo Venini, and father of Laura Diaz de Santillana , designer for the Venini. In 1980s VeArt glass manufacture cooperated with famous glass designers Luigi Massoni, Emilio Moretti, Mario Ticcò, Afra & Tobia Scarpa, Santiago Miranda, Toni Zuccheri, Perry King. This piece is dated 1983 and could be designed by one of these makers. The VeArt glass factory closed at the beginning of the 90’s.
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