# 4706 / Antique Piemontese self-defense Folder With paneled blade

Italy has an ancient tradition in knife making and a great variety in shapes and models with dozens of antique models dedicated to work, defense, and duel. Italy has its idendity as a unitary state only since 1861. The origin and the diffusion of traditional knives followed the ancient political and administrative division of the country that doesn’t coincide with the current division into regions. Pimonte is a Region located in the Northwest of the Country going from the Alps to the Po Valley plain and bordering with France. The tradition of knife making in Piemonte vary from the more simple utility folders to the big duel knives. This exemplar is an early version of the defence style folders featuring a long and pointy three paneled hand forged carbon steel blade, faceted brass bolster and butt cap and steel body faced with translucent green/brown horn scales. Despite of the blade length the knife has a slipjoint mechanism which was as usual as the lockback system. The blade snaps firmly. 17 cm long folded and 31,5 cm long in fully extended position. The conditions are excellent mainly considering age and type. Some overall pitting to the steel parts due to time but no nicks or dents and no chips to the horn slabs. The blade features three facets: two slanted side panels and a central one. Blades with this design were more suitable for self-defense rather than just cutting. PRICE UPON REQUEST
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