# 4702 / Gorgeous 4 Sided Zeppelin Shaped Tortoise Shell Pocket radial Opening 32 Blade Quill Knife

This exceptional pocket knife is a demonstration of the high skill attained by master craftsmith. It is a quill/pen knife with a total of 32 radial open blades 16 on each ends and an unusual body shape giving it the popular name of ZEPPELIN knife because of its similarity with the famous airship. The body is made of wonderfully preserved tortoise shell slabs over bras liners and are fastened by tiny pins. The knife measures about 83 mm long with all blades folded and remains in excellent condition especially considering age and type. All blades still lock up with a firm snap, are razor sharp and almost full in shape. The delicate tortoise shell scales have no chips, cracks or damage. PRICE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST
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