# 4608 / Ancient Sardinian Folding Knife By Raimondo Sardu

Knife crafting in Sardinia became a typical and traditional activity during the nineteenth century. Knives were mostly used by men as multifunctional cutting and piercing tools, to be carried in their pocket and indispensable for all work activities in the fields and with the livestock. This knife is made by Raimondo Sardu, from Gonnosfanadiga is a skinner knife featuring a peculiar large laurel leaf-shaped blade, with a single cutting edge. Handle is curved in order to best accommodate the blade. The handle is carved from a single piece of ram horn without a supporting liner and the bolsters are thin brass layers. The blade is marked with the maker’s initials *FS*. No serious damage to note.. 8,5 cm folded and 15,5 in fully extended position
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