# 4562 / A very fine quality Mid 19th cent. Silver and Ivory mounted/ steel bladed Dha short dagger.

The Dha is the national sword of Burma, but also used by nearby countries. This nice example is much probaby from the Shan people of eastern Burma. The scabbard is of wood encased in near-pure hammered sheet silver decorated with applied silver filigree in bands and in swirled geometric motifs. The chape is unadorned and flares slightly at its end. The single-edged, curved steel blade fits snugly into the scabbard. The handle comprises a short segment of silver decorated with further silver filigree bands and a short piece of unadorned ivory. The scabbard retains its original cotton twisted rope fastened with a knot used to attach the dagger to the wearer’s waist. The silver scabbard and hilt mounts are nice quality, in very good condition with a lovely subtle patina to the silver. The blade is well forged and purposeful in very good condition with only light staining. It is a solid and thick blade with the back hand file worked. It has a mark stamped near the hilt and the upper side is nicely decorated with engraved dots and curved lines. The grip shows a rich honey coloured patina with small non-displaced cracking, both commensurate with its age. Size: 26.5cm without scabbard.
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