# 4461 / Antique Multiblade Pocket Knife with Firesteel - Couteau Briquet

Very interesting early pocket knife with various accessories including a firesteel. Main spare point blade, secondary pen blade, corkscrew and punch/needle. The fire steel covers the back spring, the steel in integral with the knife. It is plain hardened carbon steel, to be used as a striker with real flint, in traditional fire lighting. Handles are translucent blond horn slabs over brass liners. Knife is old and has been used, main blade shows a couple of little dents on the sharpen edge, but remains in full profile and locks up firmly. Secondary blade, corkscrew and punch also in full profile and in perfect working condition with just some light rust staining. The side plates have no damages. 9 cm when folded and 16 cm long when the main blade is opened. PRICE UPON REQUEST
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