# 4309 / *A Canne* Blown Glass Art vase by the Master Adriano dalla Valentina (1945-2019), Murano

Blown glass art vase made with the *a canne* technique by the Master Adriano Dalla Valentina.
H: 29 cm, L: 16 cm at the largest, W: 12 cm.
Signed at the base * Adriano dalla Valentina Murano*.
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Adriano dalla Valentina was born on the island of Murano in 1945. He began working in a glass factory at the early age of ten. For the next fourteen years he worked in various factories in Murano and thus was exposed to numerous traditional glass-blowing techniques. Then when he was twenty-four, he opened his own studio. In 1974 he founded his glassworks called Linea Valentina. In the following years he began to distinguish himself for his commitment to the traditional techniques of the island. His use of murrina and filigrana, incorporated into new forms and objects, has become his hallmark. He makes all his own canes for his complex vessels. His colors and patterns are marvelous, achieving an intricacy that is rare today, even in Murano. Dalla Valentina has participated in many expositions over the years in Venice, Cremona, Milan, Rome and Florence. His sculpture was part of Venezia Aperto Vetro in 1998. He is well-known in Italy for his exceptional technical virtuosity. This ability made possible a unique project executed in 1992-3. He worked with a class of talented young art students from the Art Institute in Venice, a class which included his son Stefano. Dalla Valentina donated his time to make each of their designs, even producing a book to commemorate the collaboration. The project received such acclaim that a second one was initiated in 1998.
Adriano passed away in 2019. In the last 10-15 years of his career, Valentina worked closely with his son Stefano.
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Pristine mint

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