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 Product CodeDescription
3387Rare German KLate 16hth century chiseled Silver Folding Knife
4243Solid And Large English Multiblade Folding Knife By C. BARRETT & Co. - 158
4253Antique Lock Blade Italian Pruning Knife *Roncola di Maniago* With Sheath
4432A Pair of Antique 18th Cent.Wrought Iron Albacete Scissors Inscribed and Dated 1778
4434Delicate Cut Steel Filigree French Embroidery Scissors
4421Early/ mid 19th Century 24 Blades Georgian Carved Pearl Lobster Quill Pen Knife
4427Antique Cased French Couteau Catalan 11,5 cm closed Martin Perpignan - SALE PENDING
4254Early Eloi Pernet Ivory Handled 2 Blades Folding Knife
4406Antique German Heinr Boker 182 Stag 6 bl camp SPORTSMANS SCOUTS pocket knife
4426Antique Italian hunting knife with tools for the maintenance of percussion rifles