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 Product CodeDescription
4557Fab Antique Late 18th/Early 19th cent. Multi-tools Sportsman / veterinary Folding Knife
4676Antique Early 20thcentury French Enamelled Folding Pocket Knife
4681Huge French Couteau Catalan Ville a Prades
4677Vintage Signed Gobbo Aprutino - Italian Traditional Folding Knife. Antonio Rossi - SALE PENDING - RISERVATO
4670Very Nice Two Blade Tortoise Shell and Silver French Pocket Fruit Knife 1819-1838
4631Elegant 19th cent. Ivory Handled French Multi-Purses Horseman Folding Knife. 13 tools
46062,2 cm long Antique Miniature MOP French Chatellerault *Cavalier* (horseman) Multiblade Folding Knife
4655Antique Italian Maremmano Folder
465834 cm FROSOLONE STAMPED PICKLOCK Folding Knife from the late 1940s. 1945-1950
4656Unusual Italian Utility Folder- Landini, Figline valdarno