Product CodeDescription
4700 Antique Spanish Navaja De Toledo Of Considerable Size Dating To The Mid To Late 19th Century (French made)
4504Vintage Diamond Halo Wedding Engagement daisy Ring on 18Ct White Gold
4692BALESTRA DI AVIGLIANO, Richly decorated Antique Italian Engagement Knife . 16,5 cm folded and 30,5 cm OAL.
4701Rare walnut etui fitted with miniature tools & miniature children’s book by Typographie de Firmin-Didot Frères (1829-1855)
4657Wonderful Dovetailed 1920-30s 22 cm Frosolone Picklock -SALE PENDING
4719G. BET, Maniago Multi-Blade (11+2) Shell Handled Fine Horseman Pocket Knife, C. 1880-1920. SALE PENDING
46822,55 cm - 1 inche long Antique Miniature Swedish Barrel Knife JOH ENGSTROM SWEDEN
4661Chased steel two Blades Campobasso Pen Pocket Knife by Bartolomeo Terzano. C 1870
4714Antique *Masunin* Italian Utility Folder
451819th Century Companion Travelling Cutlery Set In wooden Case