Product CodeDescription
45011960s French *Couteau Facette*Jacques Mongin Forge Main* Folding knife – 8cm-14cm
4502Antique Napoletano Folder with Man Face Profiles and Chased Butt Cap and Locking Tab
4503Antique Late 19th cent. Scarperia figural Hand Carved BoxWood Handled Pocket Knife
4499ROMANO. Antique 67cm long Italian Roman Folding Knife Dagger
3505Ornate Antique Chased Steel Embroidery Scissors. Nicola P. Pelletier Model Nr 94
4450Early Eloi Pernet Ivory Handled 2 Blades Folding Knife
4453Eloi Pernet *Inoxidable* (ancient mark) Tortoise Shell Thee 3 blades Folder
4285Wonderful One of a Kind Custom Made Gentleman Type Multi-Bladed Knife by Zico
4485ROMANO. Antique 52cm long Italian Roman Folding Knife Dagger. SALE PENDING
4468Unusual and Rare antique multipurpose Knife with Oil Lamp Wik and Toothed Glass Cutting Wheel. *The Thiefs Knife*