Product CodeDescription
4421Early/ mid 19th Century 24 Blades Georgian Carved Pearl Lobster Quill Pen Knife
4427Antique Cased French Couteau Catalan 11,5 cm closed Martin Perpignan - SALE PENDING
4254Early Eloi Pernet Ivory Handled 2 Blades Folding Knife
4406Antique German Heinr Boker 182 Stag 6 bl camp SPORTSMANS SCOUTS pocket knife
4426Antique Italian hunting knife with tools for the maintenance of percussion rifles
4414Exceptional Early 18th cent. Cast iron Folder with twist safety catch system and Wax Lacquer Seal
4346A Mid 18th Century Gilt And Silver Pocket Knife On Metal Base
4409Eloi Pernet Inoxidable three Blade Folding Pocket Knife
4425Antique Large French Couteau Catalan 49 cm closed – 91 cm long open - RESERVED
4025Antique Ivory handled Multi-Bladed Knife by PRADEL FRERES AU BIDON