Product CodeDescription
4236An American 18-Karat Gold and Diamond Thimble, Simons Brothers Co., Philadephia, PA. *V.C.R Dec. 18,1896*
4255Antique French Miniature Folding Knife of the Ass. Croix-De-Feu (1927-1936)
4244Earlier Austrian 2 mm pinfire Berloque Miniature Pistol Sharp Trigger & Hammer
4242Antique England Military Stag Folding Horsemans Pocket Knife with Fleam
4240An Antique Cased Miniature Persussion Pistol W/ Cap case SALE PENDING
4232Nogent, French Lock back Defense Folding Knife
4239Wonderful and Extremly Rare *Alto Atesino* Engagement Knife
4238Six Blade Elongated Hexagonal Pendant Knife by Emile Drouhin. SALE PENDING
4231Joseph Rodgers & Sons Luxury Dagger With Studded Fluted Ivory Grip. SALE PENDING
4197Scarce Georgian 4 Sided *Barrel* carved Ivory Quill Knife With 48 Radial Opening Blades. SALE PENDING