Product CodeDescription
43351902 Dated French AGENAIS Folder. Provenance: Mr Cognet collection
4364Victorian Etruscan Revival 14Kt Gold Turquoise necklace
4343Mid to late 19th century Italian Brass Roman Folding Knife * Romano d’Ottone*
4234A Beautiful Necklace Strand Of Fine Sardinian Deep Red Coral (CORALLIUM RUBRUM). 45 grams
4351Double Strand Early 1900 Mediterranean Coral (CORALLIUM RUBRUM) Graduated Faceted Barrels Necklace – 105 grams
4320Antique 3,5 - 1 1/4" cm long Miniature Guitar Folding Knife
4330Antique French Miniature Folding Knife of the French Social Party.
4055Incamiciato Vase Blown Glass with an oval form with gold leaf spray. Seguso Viro
4056Large Round Incamiciato Vase Blown Glass With A Round Form With Gold Leaf Spray. Seguso Viro
4298Late 18th / Early 19th cent 12 blades 3 1/8” Sheffield Georgian Lobster Pattern Ivory Quill knife