Antique Knives
Antique Knives: Pre 1950 folding and fixed blades from around the world

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4728BALESTRA DI AVIGLIANO, Richly decorated Antique Italian Engagement Knife
4726Antique Multiblade Pocket Knife with Firesteel - Couteau Briquet
4725CURTEL DEL REZ, Antique Italian Traditional Folding Knife
4724MOLISANO Antique Italian Traditional Folding Knife
4722Antique Large Sfilato di Frosolone stamped * Meale Attilio Frosolone Campobasso*.
4721*FIORENTINO*. Italian traditional Folding Knife
472078 cm long antique Spanish ratchet opening Engraved Blade Navaja de Albacete. Antonio Porlero 1904
4713*Saraga* Antique Sicilian Traditional Folding Knife
4712Late 19th century Large Toledo marked Folding Knife Navaja
4706Antique Piemontese self-defense Folder With paneled blade