Antique Knives
Antique Knives: Pre 1950 folding and fixed blades from around the world

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44841960s French *Couteau Facette* with Corkscrew folding Knife by Jacques Mongin
44831960s Ivory Handled French *Couteau Facette* folding Knife by Jacques Mongin
4482Le Rumilly : HAUTE SAVOIE Antique French Regional Knife Known For Its Particular Releasing Mechanism
4481MINT Sheffield MOP CONGRESS type folding pocket knife retailed by E. PETER (Paris)
4479An Early 19th Cent. 12 Blade Sheffield Pearl Lobster Pattern Quill Knife
4476Early 19th cent. Chased steel Campobasso Pen Pocket Knife by Scipione Santangelo
4474A Victorian Combination Miniature MOP Folding Knife And Propelling Pencil
4473Antique 19th cent. Gentleman Type Multi-Bladed Knife With 21 Blades & Tortoise Shell Scales
4472Tiny Antique Miniature Spanish Beetle Shaped Folding Knife
4471French Ancient-regime (before 1785) Pied du Roy Ruler/ folding Knife