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4729Signed Chaumet Cross Over Ring in 18kt Gold, Tiger eye and Diamonds
4728BALESTRA DI AVIGLIANO, Richly decorated Antique Italian Engagement Knife
4726Antique Multiblade Pocket Knife with Firesteel - Couteau Briquet
4725CURTEL DEL REZ, Antique Italian Traditional Folding Knife
4724MOLISANO Antique Italian Traditional Folding Knife
4723Brand New Custom Made Birch wood Swedish Barrel Knife
4722Antique Large Sfilato di Frosolone stamped * Meale Attilio Frosolone Campobasso*.
4721*FIORENTINO*. Italian traditional Folding Knife
472078 cm long antique Spanish ratchet opening Engraved Blade Navaja de Albacete. Antonio Porlero 1904
4713*Saraga* Antique Sicilian Traditional Folding Knife