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4188Antique Two Pieces Laguiole Rouve St. Affrique 11 Cm Folded
4187Sculpted Ivory Laguiole knife made by Philippe Voissière. One of Kind
4184Vintage Ivory handled Laguiole *Ailes de Pigeon*Besset
4181Vintage Red Italian Coral Graduated Faceted Barrels Necklace 69 Gr
4180Interesting MOP and GOLD French Engagement Folding Knife *Laurete Avesnes* 1839. In Original Pouch
4175An Antique Swedish Barrel Knife – 9,5 cm closed
4174Late 18th century French Quill Pen Knife – 4 Blades
4172Red Rhinestone & 18K gold Mesh Pendant Necklace
4171Antique Single Blade Laguiole THIBAUD A SEVERAC 11 cm folded
4169Large Late 19th Century French Navaja108 Girodias