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4505Vintage Pacific Momo Coral Natural Deep Red-Salmon Color and diamond 18k gold Cocktail ring
4504Vintage Diamond Halo Wedding Engagement daisy Ring on 18Ct White Gold
45001960s French *Couteau Yatagan**Jacques Mongin Forge Main* Folding knife – 12cm-22cm
4498An Exceptionally Rare Numbered 100 Blade Museum Grade MOP Pius Lang Exhibition Knife - Walter Lang C1960
4497Antique Boxed Bohemian Multipurpose Folding Knife With 21 blades and Mother of Pearl Scales Signed Lenkowski
4494Brand New Custom Made Elm wood Swedish Barrel Knife
4493Antique Abercrombie & Fitch Rodgers England Fishing Folding Knife with Salter Tube Spring Scale
4492Antique Pages A. Laguiole Fine Lefthander Folding Pocket Knife With Superb Presentation-Grade Antique Tortoise Shell Scales
449086 cm long antique Spanish ratchet opening NAVAJA DE ESPEJILLOS
448619th Century French Rouennais Combination Switchblade Knife, Pistol, And Alarm Gun