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4341Interesting Cased 18the cent. French Two blades Ivory folder with Opening system
4340Antique Ivory Haydn Randall Germany Multi-Bladed Knife With 7 Blades Including Pencil Holder Plus Toothpick and Tweezers
4339Antique Gentleman French Luxory Dagger/Knife Lock Back Released With Ivory Handles
43381920s-30s Antique Stag Double Switch Hunting Knife
4337Custom made Abalone Gravity Knife With Ostrich Leather Pouch
43362,8 cm - 1 1/8 inches long Antique Miniature Swedish Barrel Knife JOH ENGSTROM SWEDEN
43351902 Dated French AGENAIS Folder. Provenance: Mr Cognet collection
4333*Charles Guerre* Folding Fruit Knife With Twinned Blade And 18kt Gold Mounted Tortoise Shell Handles
4332Antique Ivory Laguiole à Jambette
4331Nogent Folding Stiletto Defense Knife With Superb Presentation-Grade Antique Ivory Scales