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4472Tiny Antique Miniature Spanish Beetle Shaped Folding Knife
4471French Ancient-regime (before 1785) Pied du Roy Ruler/ folding Knife
44701920-30 Jules Calmels Boxed Knife and Fork Ivory Marriage Set
4468Unusual and Rare antique multipurpose Knife with Oil Lamp Wik and Toothed Glass Cutting Wheel. *The Thiefs Knife*
4467*Louvetier*. Gentleman Ring Pull Released Folding Dagger. Chatellerault, France Mid 19th
4465An Antique 2 Tone 18Kt gold And Diamonds Etruscan Revival suite. Italy Late 19th Cent
4464Oversized Chatellearult Modele à Crosse French Stag Lock Back Folding Knife Dagger
4462Vintage Boker Germany Stainless Mother Of Pearl Lockback Knife W/ Box
4461Antique Multiblade Pocket Knife with Firesteel - Couteau Briquet
4459Folding Pocket Knife With Shimmering MOP Handle Scales In Pouch Etui