Antique Knives
Antique Knives: Pre 1950 folding and fixed blades from around the world

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4496Italian *Coltello di amore* - engagement or wedding Folding Knife *Sparanise 1910 Ricordo* - Martone
4495Museum grade Antique Boxed Swiss Multipurpose Folding Knife With Mother of Pearl Scales Signed Hunzinger, Montreaux
4493Antique Abercrombie & Fitch Rodgers England Fishing Folding Knife with Salter Tube Spring Scale
4492Antique Pages A. Laguiole Fine Lefthander Folding Pocket Knife With Superb Presentation-Grade Antique Tortoise Shell Scales
449086 cm long antique Spanish ratchet opening NAVAJA DE ESPEJILLOS
448619th Century French Rouennais Combination Switchblade Knife, Pistol, And Alarm Gun
4485ROMANO. Antique 52cm long Italian Roman Folding Knife Dagger. SALE PENDING
4479An Early 19th Cent. 12 Blade Sheffield Pearl Lobster Pattern Quill Knife
4476Early 19th cent. Chased steel Campobasso Pen Pocket Knife by Scipione Santangelo
4474A Victorian Combination Miniature MOP Folding Knife And Propelling Pencil