Antique Knives
Antique Knives: Pre 1950 folding and fixed blades from around the world

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4643WWI 1918 Italian Brass Folding Knife
4642French Nogent Folding Fruit Knife With Twinned Blade And Silver Embossed Handles
4636Rare Antique *Nudo Siciliano* full Metal Folding Knife
4635 Old Traditional Sicilian Folding Knife
4631Elegant 19th cent. Ivory Handled French Multi-Purses Horseman Folding Knife. 13 tools
4630Huge French Couteau Catalan
4629Old Sardinian Pattada knife
4626Old *Fiorentino coi Sodi *folder by Savi- Scarperia.
4625Antique Gobbo Aprutino - Italian Traditional Folding Knife - SALE PENDING - RISERVATO
4623Tortoise Shell Handles French 3 blades Folding Knife With Serpentine Body