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This rare little sewing etui has been created inside of a real walnut with gilded ormolu mounts. The hinged gilt mounts open to reveal a fully-fitted interior consisting of: needle case, stiletto, bodkin, thimble and scissors plus folding tortoise shell handled button hook and combined folding finger nail file/push and cleaner. It contains also a wonderful gilt embossed leather covered illustrated book entitled *Petit Paroissien de l'infance* (child's missel) finely printed in a very small type by Typographie de Firmin-Didot Frères. The inscription indicates being made between 1829 -1855.The book contains 92 pages and it measures only 2,9 cm (1 1/8”) by 2,1 cm (7/8”), it has mostly reading, prayers written in French and Latin, but also some pictures. On the inside of the cover there is a dedication written in Italian by the grandmother to her grand-daughter dated Dec the 6th 1928. *Alla cara nipotina la nonna Annina Antonangeli offre* (Grandma Annina Antonangeli offers to her dear granddaughter) . This wonderful rare etui still survives intact and complete after almost two hundred years . Each item slips neatly into its own custom made slot and remains in excellent condition. The walnut is lined in satin has its original interior and it closes snugly and safely. The petite scissors measure almost 1 ¼ in - 3,2 cm. All of the tools are nice working condition. The thimble has a 13 mm diameter opening. The needle case is almost 2,7 cm long. The stiletto has the original sharp point and is 1 1/16 in – 2,7 cm long and the bodkin is 1 1/16 in - 2,7 cm long. I cannot see any damage on the little tools. The walnut is in amazing condition with no cracks or chips. The hinge is strong and original and it measures 5 cm wide x 3,7 cm deep x 3 cm high. A couple of these walnut etuis are shown on p. 98 of Bridget McConnells book The Story of Antique needlework Tools. PRICE UPON REQUEST