Product Code: 4700
Condition: Excellent
Price: € 420,00

Antique Spanish Navaja de Toledo (made in France - Chatellerault) of considerable size dating to the mid to late 19th century. It is mounted with a very sturdy 25 cm long carbon steel blade stamped *Navajas De Toledo* transversally. Handle is made of tinted horn slabs alternating with brass overlays over steel liners. Horn scales embellished with decorative brass pins, knife’s end in the form of a rattlesnake rattle, upper bolster in the form of a crown. The knife remains in excellent overall conditions, blade is full in shape and locks up firmly and tightly with no wobble. it features a ring to easily unlock from the locked open position. Handles have no damages or cracks. It measures 28,5 cm when folded and 52,5 cm in fully extended position.