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In some areas of Italy a knife could be used as a token of love or as an engagement /wedding knife. This is a wonderful example of a *BALESTRA DI AVIGLIANO* a traditional Engagement knife that has been realized In Avigliano during the last quarter of the 19th Cent. Avigliano is a town in the province of Potenza, in the southern Italian region of Basilicata. The handle has been realized from a whole piece of buffalo horn that has been finally checkered, carved and full filled with very thin German silver threads. The blade has the shape of an olive leaf with three facets on each side, two slanted side panels and a central one. Blades with this design were more suitable for self-defense rather than just cutting. Blade with some surface scratches and pitting due to age and time, minimum up and down play in the locked open position. Nickel silver bolsters. Wonderful vintage conditions, no chips to the horn, some loss to the delicate nickel silver threads. It measures 30,5 cm in fully extended position and 16,5 cm when folded. Due to the dimensions this knife was much probably made for a man. Smaller versions were made for women. PRICE UPON REQUEST