Product Code: 4682
Condition: Very good
Price: € 400,00

The average size of a Swedish barrel knife usually found is around 3 inches in barrel length, which is around 6 inches open. The sizes smaller or larger than 3 inches are not as common. This is a rare 2,5 cm – 1 inche close (barrel measure). This tiny knife has a barrel shaped body with steel fittings on either end. The barrel shaped handle houses a steel blade folded on a pivot in between brass liners, which sandwich the blade when closed and extend it when opened. On the bail/ ring end of the knife is a small spring lever, which when depressed will unlock the blade assembly allowing it to be pulled out of the wooden body. There is a *T* shaped channel cut into the inside of the barrel on one end only, that accepts the blade assembly. The assembly will only fit into this channel one way. The locking spring on the assembly, fits into the smaller portion of the channel. Once the blade assembly is removed the blade can be swung into its open position and re-inserted into the wooden barrel and locked into place with the same spring lever that released it. Now it is a fixed blade knife and is very strong. The knife is closed by the same procedure in reverse. The barrel is made of curly birch or burl wood. Although this kind of wood is prone to damage from use inside and out this example has a very well preserved barrel with no chips and the fit is strong. No wobble when the blade is in the open position and this means that the knife has good internal condition. The internal channel seems quite clean and the blade pulls out and pushes back smoothly. The blade shows overall scratched on the two sides, few pitting due to time. Marked JOH ENGSTROM SWEDEN