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Italy has an ancient tradition in knife making and a great variety in shapes and models with dozens of antique models dedicated to work, defence, and duel. Italy has its identity as a unitary state only since 1861. The origin and the diffusion of traditional knives followed the ancient political and administrative division of the country that doesn’t coincide with the current division into regions. Sicily is a Region, actually an island, located in the South of the country. The tradition of knife making in Sicily vary from the more simple utility folders to the big duel knives. This exemplar is an nice version of the rare defence style folders known as *Rasolone ammanicatu* due to the shape of the blade similar to a razor blade and the locking mechanism. This nice example has a 5 cm large (at the widest) carbon steel blade with a 28 cm long edge. It features a special locking mechanism for the blade consisting of a mobile element pinned at the rounded bottom part of the handle that prevents the movement of the lower arm of the back spring which act like pomp. When the mobile element is opened the back spring is free to move and to release the blade, when it is in the closed position it locks the back spring preventing the blade to release. Handles are made of steel with small horn scales by the center. The knife measures 30,5 cm folded and 57 cm when fully extended. Everything works as it should, blade is in full profile and locks up firmly. PRICE UPON REQUEST