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Condition: Excellent
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This scarce pocket knife was made by the early 19th and is a demonstration of the high skill attained by the master craft smith. . We highlight the particular construction of this knife whose blades open radial on both ends and the unusual 4 sided body shape giving it the poplar name of BARREL knives. Some blades are tang stamped with the maker’s name as shown in the picture. (image of the stamp has been taken through a magnifier glass) The knife has a body made of genuine turned ivory scales with a total of 16 pen blades 8 on each end. The ivory scales are over brass liners and are fastened by tiny pins. The knife measures about 8,5 cm long with all blades folded. The knife remains in excellent condition especially considering age and type. Blades seem to me to be all in full profile or about full and still razor sharp, open and close properly. Ivory scales are still are clean with a wonderful patina. No chips, cracks or damage. PRICE UPON REQUEST