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Italy has an ancient tradition in knife making and a great variety in shapes and models with dozens of antique models dedicated to work, defence, and duel. Italy has its identity as a unitary state only since 1861. The origin and the diffusion of traditional knives followed the ancient political and administrative division of the country that doesn’t coincide with the current division into regions. Sicily is a Region, actually an island, located in the South of the country. The tradition of knife making in Sicily vary from the more simple utility folders to the big duel knives. This exemplar is called Nudo (naked) due to the fact that it has no horn or wood slabs scales, it is very simple and totally made of steel. It reminds the famous *sfarziglia* napolitana. The Sfarziglia is an ancient offense knife originally from Naples, often used in duels . They were very thin to allow to be worn under the jacket or in special pockets stitched inside clothes. The blade has a simple locking mechanism and the butt cap has the shape of a shoes. The blade edge has been sharpened and is still razor sharp. Locks up firmly and opens and closes properly. 14 cm long when folded and 26 when fully extended. PRICE UPON REQUEST