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Condition: Very good
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Elegant ivory handled multi-purses horseman folding knife made in France, probably Nogent by the mid to late 19th century. This type of knife was specially designed to be used for outside works and this exemplar was surely custom made for a gentleman featuring wonderful ivory scales. The accessories include corkscrew, needle, punch, awl, , saw, five different blades plus pull out toothpick and ear wax cleaner set in the handle. Additionally it has a horse hoof cleaner scraper for a total of 13 different uses. Unmarked. Slabs are genuine ivory over steel liners. The knife remains in very good conditions, all blades and tools are in full profile and close firmly with a snap. Overall pitting to the carbon steel parts due to time. This folder measures 8,5 cm long when folded , main blade is 6,5 cm long. PRICE UPON REQUEST