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This 26 cm long bowie knife was made by the renewed Joseph & Rodgers Cutlery Company under the Reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910). This knife is representative of a design originated around beginnings of 19the century, so popular as to be copied by several British and American cutlery firms. As tradition goes, the handle shape was inspired by the thistle flower, deep rooted in Scottish tradition and symbolism, so that many scholars believe that this country was the place where the design was born. Clip point blade has its original polish and shows some sharpening marks on the edge, almost no pitting. Front ricasso marked *E. crown R, Joseph Rodgers & Sons, No.6 Norfolk St. Sheffield England*. The back with the famous Star and Maltese cross mark registered by Rodgers in 1764. The blade is topped with a nice checkered ebony thistle shaped grip with nickel silver bolster. No chips or cracks. Sheath, or scabbard, is constructed of brown leather with nickel silver tip. Scabbard measures 24 cm long 3,2 cm wide and features a belt loop. The brown leather sheath shows minor use and wear, with moderate surface flaking and some edge scuffing visible but no tears or rips. Mounted with German silver tip. The tip with no dents. The overall conditions of the bowie knife and scabbard are excellent. SALE PENDING