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Among the French regional knives there’s one known as AGENAIS. AGENAIS and SAINT-AMANT (or saint-Amans) are knives from the same family, which has very ancient origin. The shape of the handle and the shape of the blade are distinctive signs of this old knife. The difference concerns rivets. The handles of the AGENAIS are decorated with visible rosettes which allow a good maintenance of the knife in the hand. The SAINT-AMANT does not have these profiled rosettes. This particular exemplar of a 19th dated Saint Amand is characterized by a wonderful glossy stag horn handle with decorative hand filed brass liners. The brass liners are overlaying the horn slabs up and down with a sew toothed pattern which is also hand file worked and are flat at the top and bottom part of the handle. The horn slabs are fastened by steel pins with brass discs. The blade has a sage leaf shape and is marked with the maker’s name . The condition is excellent mainly considering age and type. Blade has some overall pitting but retains its full length and is still pointy. Still has a firm snap with no wobble in the locked open position. The knife measures 18 cm fully folded and 34 cm in fully extended position. PRICE UPON REQUEST