Product Code: 4561
Condition: Mint
Price: € 200,00

Nice large version of the French regional folding knife le CAPUCIN by Cognet. Also known as *le couteau a la capucine* it is part of the large family of "primitive" folding knives, made with two pins one which represents the axis of rotation of the blade; the other - sometimes thinner - serving as a stop for the blade heel when the knife is opened. The blade has a Sage Leaf shape, often thick enough to carry out tough country work. The Pyrenees are undoubtedly its major area of use and sale; more particularly in Ariège. But it has more widely conquered the southern third of France, Languedoc Roussillon as Southwest; and Pézenas in Hérault. The knife takes its name from the Capuchin monks because of the shape of the butt of the knife which reminds the silhouette of a monk whose face is masked by his hood. In this very nice example the butt has been carved in a stylized way to emphasize the similarity with the hood of the monk. If you look at the knife frontally you will see the smiling face of a monk. The knife is 13 cm long when folded and 23 cm in fully extended position. It remains in mint unused condition.