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Condition: Excellent
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This is a very unique multiblade folder dating to the late 18th. Century/ early 19th. This unique veterinary multiuse knife feature 10 elements or accessories working by bearing on separate springs. Accessories include sheep foot main blade, long and keen false edged secondary blade, pen blade, punch, corkscrew, hook, and two different type of flames. This unique knife also features a screwdriver on the top of the front bolster. All the accessories, except the blades, when folded are nestled under a large plaque. The plaque, once opened, can be used as a fire striker. Blades are stamped transversally *Lancement* with the maker’s mark of a crowned corkscrew. Knife handle scales might be made of baleen. The baleen bristle is made from keratin and bears a passing resemblance to cow horn and tortoise shell. Excellent conditions mainly considering age and type, blades with the original mirror polish, close firmly with a good snap and all tools work properly. No chips, cracks or damage to the scales. This folder measures 11,5 cm long when folded and 22 cm when main blade is out. PRICE UPON REQUEST