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Condition: Excellent
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Very nice French COUTEAU CATALAN dating back to the second half of 19th century. It is huge and measures a consistent 34,5 cm folded and 63cm when fully extended. The CATALAN knife has an elegant and tapered line and is characterized by a *break* in the shape of the handle which separates the upper part from the lower one consisting of a long butt of conical shape ending with a sort of rattlesnake tail. In this nice example the long bottom bolster is nicely engraved with floral and geometric decorations in which stands out the image of a tree. The butt is topped with blond horn handles scales with no supporting liners. Scales are centrally fitted on both sides, with rosewood inlays and a long brass foil also inlaid into the horn which is engraved en-suite with the bolsters. The upper part is also covered by a thick brass foil enhanced with decorative engravings showing, on each side, a nice bird standing on a tree. The blade has a sage leaf shape and is decorated with plants and floral decorations. It bears the maker mark of the *sun* stamped on it. It is ratched opened and features a large tab with a ring to easily unlock the blade form the locked open position. Locking tab and spring are finely decorated with a chisel. Blade seems to me to be in full profile with some normal overall pitting. No dents to the metal parts and no loss. Tiny cheap on the rear horn slab. The spring is still strong and the blade locks properly. 34,5 cm closed – 63 cm long open. PRICE UPON REQUEST - SALE PENDING