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Condition: Near mint
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ESTAING KNIVES: knives designed in 1780 by ADMIRAL D’ESTAING for use on board; they can be used for dining, for cutting or for defence. The special design of this folder allows to use its blade in its closed position as, due to its length, it protrudes from the handle when folded. If the owner needs to work with a longer blade, he can open it and use its whole length. The knife features a swivel guard which automatically extends to its position when the blade is opened. The knife also has a locking mechanism to prevent a dangerous accidental closing of the long keen edged blade. This very nice example is characterized by a genuine stag handle and has a 20 cm long carbon steel blade with nickel silver fittings. It features a long nickel silver lever to open and close the keen blade. Blade is back stamped *Nogent* and on the front is hallmarked with the makers initials *AL* for Lasserteur underneath a crossed crown. The knife comes complete with its original brown leather sheath. Blade, which slides smoothly and securely into its sheath, is bright with no pin prick pitting, no dents o damage. Razor sharp. It opens properly and lock up tightly. Estaing knife is just 21,5 cm long folded. The leather sheath shows a little bit of wear commensurate with use, but remains in excellent conditions. PRICE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST