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Condition: Excellent
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Very nice Two blades French pocket knife known as Berge knife. It is also called compass–knife due to the shape it has when the two blades are opened. The two blades are based on the same tang, but they are independent and they can be opened or closed together or separately. It is stamped *GUERRE* on the steel blade and features the maker’s mark and the Silver guarantee mark of the Minerva head on the silver one. The handle is fashioned with two plates of embossed silver with a supporting silver liner. The knife measures 10 cm folded and each blade is nearly 9,5 cm long. Bothe blades are in full profile, Very minor pitting on the steel blade due to time. Few normal superficial scratches on the silver blade due to the closing within the handle. No damage to note to the silver handles. Excellent overall conditions. Age: 1930 circa. PRICE UPON REQUEST