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Condition: Mint
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This museum grade 100 blade folding knife was made in the first quarter of the 20th century. Polished steel different blades for various uses each providing an unique function opening in both ends tools plus 4 insertions which slides out of the end of each of the four sections of the carefully selected highly figured mother of pearl grips. Scales are fastened by 4 crews on each side. The knife is in outstanding condition, All blades have been opened and tested and they are all in full profile with a firm snap. No damage to note nor to the blades neither to the delicate slabs. Please note that the scales are made by two entire long MOP slabs. More recent versions of these knives features four shorter plates joint together with a visiible line at the center of the slabs. No rust, scratches or other imperfections. The handles have no chips, cracks or damage. 113 mm folded, 50mm wide. PRICE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST